The masses in Nigeria today have always been of the opinion that voting in this country is basically a waste of time. They believe that secret meetings have already been held and candidates already promised political appointments and seats so to them, they feel as if they would be wasting their votes if they attempt voting for any aspirant of their choice.

Nigeria of today has come a long way in its political ideology. Now it’s not just a matter of ‘god fathers’ sitting somewhere and dictating who and who gets to govern. The masses are being heard, they are being given the opportunity to vote in their own candidates. The mentality of secret meetings are gradually coming to an end.

Our votes count, our opinions and views count, our choices count.

This is a call to the masses to ensure that they pick up their Permanent Voters’ Card (PVC) before the oncoming elections. The PVC is our identity. Our votes belong to us alone, we alone have the power through our votes to ensure that the right candidates are voted for.      

If we do not take part in the electoral processes, how then would we be able to achieve the change which every Nigerian is clamoring for?

Women are an emerging force in the political arena. They are gradually being recognized and accepted as been substantial in the political arena. Let’s vote in more women into the corridors of power and see what great change will take place.