Child Trafficking

As domestic workers, the children are subjected to 12-18 hours of cleaning, baby care, cooking and other forms of household chores. They are the first to get up in the morning and the last to go to bed at night. Most of them are also denied basic school education.

Indeed, with the increasing need to augment family finances both women and men in the cities now work outside their homes. House-helps or assistants have therefore become a necessity to perform household chores and take care of the kids while the parents are gone to the office.

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Trafficking in Nigeria

Despite the fact that the incidents of trafficking in children in Nigeria had been going on as far back as the 60s, the public recognition and focus on the issue however heightened only since the mid 90s. The recent awareness of trafficking in Nigeria resulted from the publicity generated by the deportation of trafficked persons for prostitution to Europe and the Middle East, which started in 1994.

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What is Trafficking?

Trafficking in persons means "The movement or transportation of a person from one place to another by any means and through fraud, deceit, coercion, deception, for forced labour or services, slavery, or practices similar to slavery or servitude"


Background Information on Trafficking

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