Equality Now sponsored Campaign Against Sex Trafficking (C-A-S-T 2018)Project

March 1, 2019

WOCON Team was at Gbaja Senior Girls High School Surulere on 21st of February 2019. This school outreach is in continuation of our Equality Now - sponsored Campaign Against Sex Trafficking (C-A-S-T 2018) project. The student, 100 in all are SS1, SS2 and final year SS3 students of the public secondary school in Lagos. The interactive session entertained over 20 interesting questions from the students after they listened to the topic "Human Traffickers' Recruitment Methods, Sexual Slavery and Abuse, Who can be Vulnerable and What can be done when help is needed? A Pre and Post Questionnaire was applied to determine the level of knowledge of the information passed before and after the presentation. A few teachers were present as well the team of the NGO partner we collaborated with (Out of School Children Empowerment Foundation OSCEF) headed by E.D Mr Akeem Kelani. The Principal and the Vice principal of the Senior Girls High School were very welcoming and supportive.