Promoting democracy and civic responsibility

Voter/Civic Education in rural communities - Ogun State.

It is a notorious fact that Nigeria had never witnessed a peaceful electoral process from a civil democratic rule to another civil rule.  The violence usually experienced during the electoral process had hitherto constituted a major catalyst to the truncating of democratic rule in Nigeria.

As the 2003 general Elections drew near there was a heightened anxiety over the success of the electoral process and a break from previous derailment of the Democratic system of Governance. Past electoral processes in Nigeria had resulted into violent eruptions and subsequent military take over. Consequently in order to sustain the fragile Democracy it had become extremely important to embark upon massive voter and civic education of the Populace.

For the sustenance of democracy in Nigeria therefore, there is need to educate the community leaders, women and the youths on issues relating to voter rights, registration process, voting procedure, vigilance to avoid voting irregularity, prevention of electoral violence and the adverse consequences of selling votes.

Furthermore, apathy to voting and lack of adequate knowledge for the voting procedure has also contributed to the derailment of democratic rule in Nigeria.

Consequently it had become imperative to address the issue through voter education and sensitization of the populace towards ensuring a peaceful electoral process and in order to facilitate smooth transition to another term of civil democratic Rule.

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