Sexual Exploitation of Children

The focus of WOCON's work on the frontline has been to lift the veil of ignorance, to educate, retrain,improve living conditions and eliminate the causes of poverty that make children particularly vulnerable to exploitation.

The prevention of child exploitation has become the cornerstone of WOCON's support in the region to combat sexual exploitation. It aims to help families and communities become the first line of protection for children. Prevention programmes are designed to educate families and the girls about the dangers of trafficking and prostitution and to provide girls with life skills and job training.

Makoko Community Outreach

March 20, 2019

Pictures from makoko community out reach on the 5-12-2018 on Campaign Against Sex Trafficking (C-A-S-T 2018) .. Venue:Makoko round about tabs, Lagos. .... About 40stakeholders including igbo, Hausa and Even Community, the Ashupa of Makoko, the chief Imam, the pastor of Celestial Church of Christ, members of Federation of Muslim Women of Nigeria (FOMWON) , youths, community leaders, market women and the District Police Officer (DPO) were all in attendance.... Presentation given was centred around the following.. 1.Raising Youth as Change Agents .2.


March 20, 2019

WOCON atNew Era Girls Secondary School, Surulere Lagos, took its school base advocacy to the senior secondary girls of the school which also happens to be the Alma mater of our Director of Programmes, Mrs Morenike Omaiboje.

The Governor of Mrs Morenike Omaiboje's set 1970/1974 Mrs Adenike Bankole and another class mate, Alhaja Longe (both old girls ) were there to grace the occassion .

Equality Now sponsored Campaign Against Sex Trafficking (C-A-S-T 2018)Project

March 1, 2019

WOCON Team was at Gbaja Senior Girls High School Surulere on 21st of February 2019. This school outreach is in continuation of our Equality Now - sponsored Campaign Against Sex Trafficking (C-A-S-T 2018) project. The student, 100 in all are SS1, SS2 and final year SS3 students of the public secondary school in Lagos. The interactive session entertained over 20 interesting questions from the students after they listened to the topic "Human Traffickers' Recruitment Methods, Sexual Slavery and Abuse, Who can be Vulnerable and What can be done when help is needed?

Prevention and protection against Online Child Exploitation

Series 1

Thelma Anwatu
April 14, 2018.

As we witness the ever-changing world, technology provides more tools but also presents new risks. Ever wondered the activities and behaviours of our young kids in the digitally advanced age? Ever imagined the increased vulnerability in the ever-evolving world?

With the above brought to light, new forms of abuse are emerging and with them the need for new and accurate information on how to create awareness on the dangers of child exploitation.