Human Trafficking

WOCON in furtherance of its commitment to the promotion of the rights of women and children has been in the fore front of the battle against the trafficking of women and children in Nigeria. WOCON’s focus on human trafficking dates back to 1996 when it participated in the first research study on the trafficking of women in Nigeria as part of an African Regional Study on trafficking commissioned by U.N Special Rapporteur on Violence against women its effects and consequences, Ms Rhadika Coomaraswamy.

WOCON pioneered the Launch of the campaign against trafficking of women on March 8 1997 in Lagos and has since engaged in sensitisation, awareness and advocacy campaigns in the International, Regional and Sub-Regional and National levels.

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What is Trafficking?

Trafficking in persons means "The movement or transportation of a person from one place to another by any means and through fraud, deceit, coercion, deception, for forced labour or services, slavery, or practices similar to slavery or servitude"


Background Information on Trafficking

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