Ajegunle Grassroot Advocacy Workshop

On 30 July 2003, Women’s Consortium of Nigeria conducted a sensitisation program on the prevention of child labour and trafficking of children from rural communities in Ajegunle, Ogun State. Ajegunle, a village close to the Idi-Iroko border between Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, is notorious for the sourcing of children who are trafficked to urban areas in Nigeria or across the border to the Republic of Benin en-route to other West African or European countries. A majority of the townspeople are illiterate and lack some of the most school facilities and materials. It therefore comes at no surprise that  Ajegunle is a major gateway for the smuggling of children trafficked from Benin Republic, Togo or Ghana into Nigeria.

The sensitisation program consisted of a market outreach and a consultative forum. In the market outreach, WOCON Executive Director Mrs. Bisi Olateru-Olagbegi warned the community on the dangers of child trafficking and child labour by speaking Yoruba (one of the local languages) and Pidgin English through a loudspeaker. She was followed by drummers and WOCON staff who distributed flyers and information packets.

Focus Area: